Thursday, June 15, 2017

PB4L- Positive Behaviour For Learning

I was very keen to join the PB4L session. This was one of the PDs recommended for Beginning Teachers. We have sessions every fortnight. Georgia and Jo  engages us with effective strategies to deal with students in and around the classroom. Most awaiting moment for us is the selective video presented at the session, it helps us to successfully interpret and realise the possible changes we as beginning teacher should imbibe in us to get to know our students.
This very well goes with the saying in this picture

Right from the very beginning, we were taught different techniques, that we could effectively use in our classrooms. It generates teaching and learning as a friendly process for both the Teacher and the taught. I usually try to do the testing of the strategy as soon as I have learnt.

At our recent session the Seven Strategies for Classroom Engagement displayed were very  powerful and instructive. Georgia and Jo displayed these strategies by actually involving the teachers in a role play mode. I really enjoyed this session and I also tried to remember what  Jo said as we were ending the session, she asked us to,"write down one strategy that we will use in our classroom ".
Next day I intentionally remembered to incorporate movement into the lesson. This strategy actually works well, it gives you the chance to move around and see what the students are doing and if they are off task you can help them to do the right thing intended for the lesson.
It works well for me and I think it should work well for all those who are struggling to engage the students during teaching and learning process.

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  1. Hi Pravina,

    This is a great narrative reflection. Thank you for sharing your thinking and the links out to some new resources. I really like the link to the seven strategies, it's well worth sharing this more widely e.g. via the Google+ community. Thank you for sharing your application of the learning and how you were prompted to do something different as a result of the PLD.



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